Hope for Those with Traumatic Brain Injury

Terry Home owns and operates a boarding home for young adult survivors of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in a quiet setting in Pacific, Wash., and in Auburn, Wash. This home provides residents with the opportunity to work toward a more independent lifestyle through structured programs and activities centered on strengthening daily living skills.

The mission of Terry Home is to promote purpose, privacy, and independence for each person in a comfortable, home-like atmosphere.

Features of Terry Home

  • 4,300 square foot home in a suburban setting in Pacific and a 5,400 square foot home in Auburn
  • Close to convenience store, park, shopping mall, theaters,
    fire department
  • Private rooms with cable and phone hook-ups
  • Therapy rooms with computers, exercise and therapy equipment
  • Staff well-trained in TBI recovery
  • Handicap-accessibility modifications throughout the house