Dear Terry Home Friends:

We want to thank you all for your continued support. We want to assure you that our residents are doing well. Terry Home is doing everything we can to keep our residents healthy and safe. Here is an update on the COVID-19 situation as it pertains to Terry Home and our residents.

Terry Home is continuing to limit visitors into the facility to essential personnel only; caregivers, Terry Home staff, and Home health nurses. This limits the risk to our residents. Since we know this is difficult for our residents, here are some ideas that we have shared with our resident’s families and friends on how to stay connected with their family member:

Window Visits are allowed through a closed window.
Package Drop Offs are acceptable by dropping the package outside the front door of the facility after calling the staff in advance.
Mailing a letter or package is a wonderful idea for our residents. They love receiving mail and who doesn’t’ love presents?
Call our residents on the resident phone line number during their normal waking hours.
Video chat is a terrific option to stay connected with family members.

Common concerns or questions:

Does Terry Home have COVID-19? Currently we are free of the virus. We have no cases in our residents or employees. Our staff is working very hard to keep it this way. We are monitoring for symptoms daily, sanitizing often, wearing face masks and limiting our own contact with others in the community as much as possible.

Are there any outings? We are staying home and staying safe. They are not leaving the property except for short walks monitored by caregivers or short road trips in the Terry Home van

What are our resident’s daily lives like? They are much like yours. We do normal daily activities around the house. We are doing safe activities and playing games. We continue to do therapy and exercise; how we do it has just changed a bit. We are keeping our distance to 6 feet as much as possible. Movies, card games, dominos, we even put on a Talent Show!!! Terry Home caregivers are very creative.

What will happen if Terry Home contracts COVID-19? If we get a positive test in the building we will contact our resident’s family explaining how we are keeping the virus under control and the care our residents are receiving. We have a plan in place and we will ensure our residents get the best care possible.

What can I do to help?

  • Follow the State guidelines and keep yourself healthy and safe.
  • Follow Terry Home suggestions on visiting our residents safely, so you don’t accidently expose them.
  • Keep in touch with our residents – if appropriate – and talk to staff if you have questions.
  • Thank the caregivers for their tireless efforts in taking care of our residents. They are a wonderful caring group of people and Terry Home would not be possible without them.
  • Continue to look for items needed at the homes to get them through this time. Items such as: cleaning supplies, masks, hand sanitizer, TP, Paper towels – multi-fold and regular roll.
  • Offer to have lunch or dinner sent over from a local restaurant for the staff and residents. Please contact the home first to get their advice on when or how to get it to them. Homemade dinners and treats are not acceptable at this time.
  • If you have garden supplies, seeds, small veggie plants, garden soil, etc. drop them off at the front door – but please call first.

DONATE NOW Other ways to help financially
Send checks to: Terry Home at PO Box 2209, Auburn, WA 98071

We understand the biggest risk at this time is our staff, as they must be in close contact with our residents. Terry Home staff understands the important role they play in keeping our residents safe and are doing everything they can protect and care for them.

We hope you stay safe and healthy through this tough and uncertain time.

Joanne Norman, ADM
Myla Montgomery, President
Terry Home – A non-profit Corporation
Terry Home Board of Directors