A Home for Survivors of Traumatic Brain Injury to Live!

Terry Home owns and operates two State licensed low-income homes specially designed for young adult survivors of traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Even though it is estimated that 120,000 people in the State of Washington are living with the effects of a TBI, there is currently housing for only 34 survivors of TBI in the whole state and Terry Home provides housing for 22 of those 34.

Our 22 residents live in a comfortable, home-like environment while working toward a more independent lifestyle through structured programs and activities centered on strengthening daily living skills.  Since opening in 1996, we are proud to say that 11 young adults have graduated onto more independent living arrangements.

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What We Provide Our Residents

  • Pacific Home – 4,300 square foot / Auburn Home – 5,400 square foot
  • Close to convenience store, park, shopping mall, theaters, fire department
  • Private rooms with cable and phone hook-ups
  • Therapy rooms with computers, exercise and therapy equipment
  • Staff trained and focused on TBI recovery
  • Handicap-accessibility modifications throughout the house