About Us

Terry Home provides residents with traumatic brain injury (TBI) the opportunity to work toward a more independent lifestyle through structured programs and activities centered on strengthening daily living skills. Our first home which opened in 1996 is located in a quiet setting in Pacific, WA.  It is only one block from a convenience store and city hall and two blocks from the fire station. There is a city park nearby and a major shopping mall within only two miles of the facility. Our second home, which opened in 2013, is located in Auburn, WA.  It is in walking distance from shopping and a bus stop and just a couple blocks from the local hospital.  Our staff is on-site 24 hours a day and is specially trained to deal with the needs of the TBI population. Terry Home holds an Assisted Living license from Washington State through the Department of Social and Health Services.

Our History

Terry Home began in 1986 with a mother’s dream to find a home for her then 18-year-old son who had sustained a traumatic brain injury. This young man spent three months in a coma. After this time, he entered rehabilitation until all the insurance monies were depleted.

The family was faced with the task of finding a home for this injured young man. The only facilities that offered care for survivors of such trauma were geriatric nursing homes. The option of placing her son in rooms with the elderly patients did not seem appropriate. Thus, this young mother, her family, and friends embarked on a journey together. In 1996, after ten years of fundraising, grant writing, and tears, a new facility opened its doors. Terry Home bears the name of this young man who was the first resident and continues to reside here.

Success at Terry Home

Terry Home functions primarily as a stepping stone to further independence. We are proud to say that 13 of the residents who have lived here since Terry Home opened their doors in 1996 have moved on to more independent living.

There’s More Inside

Stay up to date on all aspects of Terry Home with our newsletter, the Terry Home Insider. Read the Insider for information regarding our annual Dinner/Auction fundraiser, and outings for Terry Home residents, improvements to the home made possible by donations, items that Terry Home could greatly use, profiles of our staff, and much more.

Interested in volunteering your time? The staff and residents at Terry Home would love to meet you. Feel free to read about how you can spend quality time teaching a skill or just having fun at Terry Home!

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Interested in learning more about our facility and what Terry Home has to offer? Would you be interested in a tour of Terry Home? Interested in volunteering?

During normal business hours and for questions on admissions, employment or daily operations questions, please contact Joanne Norman at 253-737-4440 or email at terryhomeadm@gmail.com.  After hours, for current resident care coordinators, please call:  253.737.4546 for Auburn location and 253.288.0135 for Pacific location.  For other questions, please contact our Board President, Leanne Guier at terryhometbi@gmail.com

Feel free to write to us at:

Terry Home
P. O. Box 2209
Auburn, WA 98071

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To visit our Terry Home Pacific location: From I-5, exit at Highway 18 going East. Take West Valley Highway exit to the right and go south on West Valley Highway approximately 3 miles to Third Avenue S.W. (there will be a stop sign). Turn left and go about 1 mile and Terry Home will be located on your left.

To visit our Terry Home Auburn location: From Highway 167, exit at 15th Ave SE to the East.  Go to Auburn Way North, turn right, then turn right again at 7th avenue. Go to A Street NE, turn right go to the end. 727 A Street NE