Admission Criteria

In order to be considered for admission at Terry Home, the following criteria must be met:

  • Medically stable, not requiring 24-hour nursing care
  • Absence of severe behavior problems (appropriate for congregate care living)
  • Ability to assist with self-care and desire to become as independent as possible
  • Willingness to participate in rehabilitative activities
  • Medicaid or private funding

The Positives of Independence

Some comments from the families of Terry Home residents:

“Prior to my son being at Terry Home I never felt like I could take a vacation for more than a day or two. Now I feel like I can actually go on an extended vacation.”

“You have given me back my life and my husband.”

Our caregivers love to talk about how they enjoy seeing residents make progress. Earl*, one of our current residents is making leaps toward independence. When Earl came to Terry Home a few years ago he would hardly look or talk to anyone. Now Earl has secured his food handlers permit and does some cooking and baking at Terry Home and he actually carries on conversations with other residents, staff and visitors.

There’s Hope at Terry Home

At Terry Home we measure our successes individual by individual. Since opening our doors in 1996 ten of our twenty-four residents have moved on to more independent living situations. We’d like to share the story of a past resident, John*, with you.

John* was 43 years old when he arrived at Terry Home. He had sustained a brain injury in 1995 in an auto accident. With TBI, each case is different. When John arrived here his problem was sensory. John was unable to distinguish between sensations. He was sitting on the patio when someone spilled a glass of water and it dripped onto his leg. John’s reaction was to begin shouting “Ow, Ow!” The staff had to remind him that this was not a painful sensation but a wet and cold one.

John lived at Terry Home for 2 years. He has three daughters who would often come and stay with him on weekends. John engaged in gardening and yard work while he lived here. He also worked one day a week at a phone refurbishing business. John enjoys hunting and fishing and even had one of his prize catches mounted and hung in his room. John was able to leave Terry Home and move into a mobile home on his brothers’ property. John now has a part time job and still enjoys fishing.

Although many of the residents of Terry Home will be with us much longer than John, there’s always hope that some will find independent living an option once more.

*The names of residents have been changed to preserve their privacy.


Our residents have many opportunities for recreational and enjoyable activities. Photos used with permission of residents.IMG_19272016-walk-run-roll